Attack of the avian invaders

I had my first journalistic piece published today in The Independent on the perpetual seagull problem. This isn’t a topic I’m particularly interested in or knowledgeable about, but it was a way to publicise my book and they paid, so why not! I’m nothing if not principled…

I don’t say anything particularly novel in the piece, they sexed up the first paragraph and changed the title, but it’s all good experience I suppose. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Attack of the avian invaders

  1. The article doesn’t mention that despite council notices, people continue to feed seagulls thus encouraging them to associate people with free food particularly where people eat outside. If you ask them to stop doing it they ignore you.

    • I think recent events clearly demonstrate that people don’t understand the consequences of their actions. That’s why it’s going to be even more difficult to get people to understand why animals do what they do, especially their motivations.

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